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Museum Storage Cabinet Standards

We all know that storage cabinets for the museum industry need to meet a higher standard than your “run of the mill” cabinets. What is that standard?

We at Tiffin Metal Products wanted to be sure that our Sentinel line of Museum Storage Cabinets met the highest standard. So we contracted with Aardenburg Imaging & Archives to test our cabinets, and I want to share those results.

Aardenburg tested three of our most popular cabinets to determine air exchange rates. I’m happy to report that our cabinets passed with flying colors!

  • Design Objectives

According to AI&A “The design objectives for proper door closure and minimal air penetration through the gaskets allows for no more than one full interior-volume air exchange every four days.” All of our tested cabinets exceed this specification.

Times to reach one complete air exchange:

  1. Single Door Cabinet – 26.4 cu. ft. interior ~ 4.9 days
  2. Double Door Cabinet – 47.4 cu. ft. interior ~ 5.9 days
  3. Double Door Cabinet – 79.4 cu. ft. interior ~ 8.9 days

“It is important to note that the measured differences between the cabinets are not the result of variations in gasket and/or interior caulking performance between the cabinets. Rather, the results are logically explained by the installed gasket length-to-cabinet volume ratio which varies according to the different dimensions of the cabinets.”

In summary, all three cabinets exceed the specifications set by museums specialists for air exchange.


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