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American Products = American Jobs

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“Over a Century of American Craftmanship”

The first thing you see on the Tiffin Metal Products web site is that we are proud to be providing American made cabinets. We use American made materials and every cabinet is constructed of 100% U.S. steel.

Shipping jobs overseas started as a trickle and is now a flood. This practice has succeeded in lowering costs and therefore increasing the profits for many major companies, but what has the cost of these policies been? The American workers were promised that shipping jobs overseas would eventually benefit us all, but for more than 30 years the debate has raged on and the flow of jobs to foreign countries continues without helping our own employment problems.

At Tiffin we search hard to find American made materials and products for our manufacturing processes. Many of our materials are sourced locally in Tiffin and Ohio. We are proud to provide jobs to Americans.

Take a look at this video to see how shipping jobs overseas really affects our job market and economy.


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