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What do we make?

Did you know that Tiffin Metal has more to offer than just great museum storage cabinets? Well we do…

When we started making museum storage cabinets, we had already been making quality products for over 40 years.

  •  Storage lockers for universities, museums, libraries and amusements parks .
  •  Locker storage for botanical gardens maintenance department,
  •  Lockers for museum and university security departments.
  •  Custom cabinets that would certainly fit into any museum storage collection.

I’m sure we offer just about any type of cabinet or locker you need, and If we don’t… we will design and custom manufacture one.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or needs you may have.

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How Do You Determine What’s Cool and Engaging

How do you get your museum visitors to see you as cool and engaging. If I knew that answer, and could bottle it, I would be a wealthy woman. There are many in the museum community looking for the key to providing visitors that special exhibition that would catch  their interest and keep them thinking and talking about the exhibit for more than just a few minutes.

The Queensland Museum and Sciencentre in Brisbane, Australia may have found the answer. They are using “Curators of Cool.”


Take a look at this article by Ben Hamley to learn what the QMX is doing to curate cool.

Curators of Cool, by Ben Hamley


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“Hotel Texas” opens at the Dallas Museum of Art

It has been nearly fifty years since that day in Dallas.

If you were born in the late fifties or earlier, you probably remember where you were on November 22, 1963 when you first heard that President Kennedy was shot and killed.

Few people were affected more by the shooting that day than Mark Connally. Mark’s father was John Connally, the Governor of Texas who was seriously wounded by the same shooter that day. Mark’s company, Citi Private Bank is the presenting sponsor of the Hotel Texas exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art.

This exhibition is dedicated to the art, pulled together for the Presidents suite in Fort Worth where he and Mrs. Kennedy stayed the night before heading to Dallas.

Read more about Hotel Texas at the DMA running through September 15th.


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Museum Storage Cabinet Standards

We all know that storage cabinets for the museum industry need to meet a higher standard than your “run of the mill” cabinets. What is that standard?

We at Tiffin Metal Products wanted to be sure that our Sentinel line of Museum Storage Cabinets met the highest standard. So we contracted with Aardenburg Imaging & Archives to test our cabinets, and I want to share those results.

Aardenburg tested three of our most popular cabinets to determine air exchange rates. I’m happy to report that our cabinets passed with flying colors!

  • Design Objectives

According to AI&A “The design objectives for proper door closure and minimal air penetration through the gaskets allows for no more than one full interior-volume air exchange every four days.” All of our tested cabinets exceed this specification.

Times to reach one complete air exchange:

  1. Single Door Cabinet – 26.4 cu. ft. interior ~ 4.9 days
  2. Double Door Cabinet – 47.4 cu. ft. interior ~ 5.9 days
  3. Double Door Cabinet – 79.4 cu. ft. interior ~ 8.9 days

“It is important to note that the measured differences between the cabinets are not the result of variations in gasket and/or interior caulking performance between the cabinets. Rather, the results are logically explained by the installed gasket length-to-cabinet volume ratio which varies according to the different dimensions of the cabinets.”

In summary, all three cabinets exceed the specifications set by museums specialists for air exchange.


For full test deatils, please contact me directly at, or call me at 216.544.9552


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Finding Funds for Secure Museum Storage Is Always a Problem, Tiffin Metal Products May Be Able To Help.

Sentinel Museum Storage Solutions from Tiffin Metal Products is introducing a leasing program that will let you  ”lease to own” your entire supply of storage cabinets. Imagine acquiring your needed cabinets without having to budget the entire cost in a single year.

There are many benefits of a lease to own agreement. You are able to acquire your cabinets with no down payment, and at the end of the lease term, you own the cabinets.  This increases your museum’s productivity because leasing to own allows you access to new cabinets while preserving valuable capital for other growth needs.

Some of the potential benefits of a lease to own programs are:

No Down Payment

A lease to own program provides 100% financing with no down payment. This conserves capital and frees up cash for other projects. In addition to the actual cabinets, other soft costs like delivery charges, sales taxes, and installation can be rolled into the lease to own option.

Conserving Cash Flow

Cabinets can be acquired at a fixed rate for a fixed period of time, which helps make budgeting and cash flow projections more accurate.  With a lease to own program, lines of credit and cash reserves remain free and liquid to meet other working capital needs. This type of financing has no impact on credit ratings.

Potential Tax Savings

There can be significant tax benefits when compared to buying equipment. With a capital lease, the lessee can depreciate the asset and deduct the interest portion of the payment. Consult with a tax advisor for more details on the potential tax benefits of leasing to own.

For more information on the Tiffin Metal Products leasing program, please contact Linda Gottfried at 800.537.0983

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